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About Us

Description of Goal:


WIN-DREAM International Center for Human Rights and Peace Development (WIDIC) is committed to promoting justice, peace and human rights in Nigeria through training, advocacy, human rights interventions and human development. The recurrent cases of conflicts and human rights violations in Nigeria particularly against women, girls, children and youths require serious attention for justice. On the part of women and girls, despite the promise attained by the Human and Gender Rights Laws like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR, 1948 the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, CEDAW, 1979 the judicial precedents in Mojekwu v. Mojekwu and Ukeje v. Ukeje, women and girls in Nigeria, particularly in the Southeast, are still demobilized and discriminated against with respect to inheritance of family wealth and property, ownership and in some cases employment, despite the progress in women’s education in Nigeria. These aspects of economic inequity by the Nigerian patriarchal structure create female dependence and feminize poverty. And in most cases, whatever affect women affect their children. The socially imposed poverty and economic disadvantage on women have direct consequences on children who are put on our streets for begging, hawking as means of supporting their poor mothers. Many vulnerable street children have family history traced to widowhood, single parenthood and indigent mothers; most of whom are victims of disinheritance. Feminization of poverty have undeniable consequences with serious national implications that the lives of women, girls, and children; and the maternal and child’s mortality rates. The youths are not immune from these malaises considering the cases of massive of joblessness, youths’ exploitations and unequal access to national resources in our society. These often breed conflicts, violence and aggression. The WIN-DREAM goals, therefore, are:

  1. To promote inclusive strategies for justice, equity and peace development training through homegrown initiatives, gender equality advocacies and enlightenments;
  2. To protect and save street children and orphans through rehabilitation and educational empowerment;
  3. To develop initiatives and strategies for women and youths’ empowerment, implementation of women’s economic rights, skill acquisition and financial literacy so as to develop the potentials for self-actualization;
  4. To equip women and youths with the non-violent strategies of conflict resolution, peace and nation building;
  5. To advocate and lobby for gender-based specific legal framework to protect the rights of women and the girl child.

Our goal is to lead in the path to reconstructing Nigeria (beginning from the southeastern states) from the narratives of violence, inequity, social injustice, poverty, and imposed gender disabilities to human development.




Achieving Justice and Peace through Equity and Human Development


Broad Vision:


Through enlightenment, training, advocacy and human development, WIN-DREAM International Center for Human Rights and Peace Development (WIDIC) aims at leading the paths to reconstructing a peaceful and equitable, just and fair, sustainable Nigerian civil society by transcending the boundaries of vulnerability, discrimination, violence and victimhood to mutual responsibility and sustainable growth.


Specific Vision:


  1. To preserve and promote the ethics of peace, human equality, justice and fairness by defending and protecting the voiceless and marginalized;
  2. Inspiring women, children and youths with greater dreams and prospects for human actualization;
  3. To foster empowerment of children, women and youths through education, career training and capacity building;
  4. To eschew violence through peace and human rights training and pursuit of restorative justice, rehabilitation and social adjustment programs;
  5. To support women and children health empowerment through medical outreaches and training on reproductive/nutritional health.